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You Can Qualify to Buy a Second Home

Buying a second home may be easier than you think. The second home market is on of the fastest growing segments of the real estate market in the U.S. If youve ever thought about getting a second home, now might be a great time to speak with a mortgage professional to see if you would qualify.

There are many hot markets out there still which can not only provide for a great second home, but a great investment opportunity as well. A second home should be looked at as a place to enjoy yourself and to relax, and also as a fairly safe and possibly fast growing investment. Location is very important for a second home for investment purposes. With all of the financing options out there today you are able to finance a second home with interest rates and terms that are similar to financing a first home.

To qualify as a second home the house usually must be at 100 miles from your primary residence and located in a seaside, mountain, desert or other "resort type" of locale. The loan underwriter will want to be comfortable with the fact that the house is actually a second home, not an investment property.

Qualifying for a second home is not as hard as you might expect. Today there are many loan options including some that don't require you to disclose income. Second home loans also have 100% financing options to further reduce the amount of money to bring at closing.

There are a variety of loan programs that work well for second homes, just as there is a large variety of loan programs for primary residences. Ask your mortgage professional what loan may work best for you, and see if it is something you are interested in.

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