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Super Jumbo Loan Financing

The term Super Jumbo Mortgage is used to describe mortgage loans exceeding $650,000 whereas a Jumbo Mortgage refers to loans which simply surpass Fannie Maes limits for conforming loans.

Direct lenders that finance Jumbo and Super Jumbo residential loans over 1 million will lend at higher interest rates than the conventional loans out on the market. The tend to rely heavily on the property value and the ability for the borrower to document his/her income, and also cash reserves.

A super jumbo loan financing can be obtained by contacted a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker will have access to numerous lenders that specialize in super jumbo loan financing and will get you the best rate for your jumbo loan.

Please call and speak with [name] to find out more about super jumbo loans.

Super jumbo loans may require a bigger down payment and a higher interest rate to offset the risk of the lender.

A super jumbo mortgage loan is also a non-conforming loan because it does not conform to the loan limits set by Fannie Mae (The Federal National Mortgage Association or FNMA) or Freddie Mac (The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. or FHMLC).

Super Jumbo loans are usually used to buy luxury homes.

Super jumbo loan programs in particular have been slowed dramatically by the current contraction in the credit markets, however if you are a direct customer seeking assistance in financing the purchase or refinance of property valued in excess of of $1 Million please contact us at to explore several unique options available for exceptionally qualified high net worth individuals.

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