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Reasons for loan denial

If your mortgage has been denied, there are many reasons why. Here are some of the most common reasons.

You could be denied because of residency status. While some lenders will not lend to you if you are not a US citizen, there are other lenders who will. Also if you are unable to produce sufficient documentation for your income and have lower credit scores you might be denied without the possibility of a stated income program.

Do not give up if you were turned down. Ask a mortgage professional you trust exactly what you need to get approved and approximately how long it will take to get you where you need to be. If the mortgage professional you are working with is not willing to help you through this, contact me at or . I will be happy to put you on the road to home ownership.

Your loan could be denied if you did not provide accurate information during the initial loan application. Underwriters verify nearly all information so you may as well provide accurate info up front!

Sometimes applications have been denied because the loan officer did not ask for the proper information or submitted too much information (ex Submitting a W-2 on a stated income deal).
If your mortgage application has been denied please call and we may have a program for you.

A mortgage application can be denied if the property being bought is not acceptable on the secondary market. For instance, a condominium or cooperative project that is not Fannie Mae eligible, or a house that, based on the survey, has a part of a structure built on a neighbor's land. While no banks would lend on a property with title or survey issues, some lenders thrive on making mortgage financing available to condos and coops that are non-conforming.

Your loan could be denied if you have not been in the same line of work over the past two years. Your loan could also be denied if you have huge gaps when switching jobs.

Your mortgage can be denied for many credit reasons. Your credit score may not fit the guidelines of the program that you are trying to qualify for. You may have too much derogatory credit listed on your credit report or you may have open collection accounts that you are unable to pay and the lender requires them to be paid to obtain the loan you are looking for. Lack of credit trade lines or lack of a credit history are other big credit reasons as to why people are denied a loan. Credit trade lines are open credit accounts reporting on your credit report. If you do not have enough open active trade lines a underwriter may not have enough information to make a decision on whether you are credit worthy of obtaining a loan from them.

Your loan can be denied because income is not sufficient to support the monthly payments according to the lender guidelines.

Loans are sometimes denied because of things that happen after the application is taken. Some of the more common are:

  • termination of employment, such as quitting a job to find one closer to the new home, or getting fired for missing too much work while planning the big move to the new home
  • increased debt, such as buying things on credit to go in or with the new home, like furniture or a new car, or spending that anticipated refinance money a little early
  • late payments, because the borrowers assumes they can make the payment after their refinance closes or the refinance will pay it off.

Lenders are required to send you a form stating the reason for your loan denial.

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