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Advantages of owning a home

There are many reasons for home ownership and everyone may have different ideas on why to own a home.

A big advantage to becoming a home owner is the tax advantages. The interest paid on your mortgage can be written off at the end of the year. This is not the case with your rent payments. You should consult a certified public accountant (CPA) to see just how much of a tax advantage home ownership can be.

While there are many practical benefits to home ownership, there are also many other benefits. You can paint your walls any color you want. You can landscape the house however you see fit. You won't have to deal with loud footsteps from the apartment above you. There are many, many things that you will be able to do that would not be allowed to in an apartment, which may be the most fulfilling part of owning a home.

Only homeowners get to take direct advantage of real estate appreciation. Many people who stay in their home 10 or more years eventually find their property has appreciated into a small fortune. Some people choose to take cash out of their home equity to invest for an even greater return. Others eventually down-size in their later years and use proceeds from the sale of their home to supplement their retirement income.

One reason or advantage of owning a home is the freedom of homeownership. Homeownership provides a certain freedom that you are not able to experience in an apartment, a college dorm, in your parents house, in a duplex, or even renting a home from a landlord. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the house you own is yours and you are actually investing in your future. With owning a home you have the freedom to decorate as you want, the freedom to add on however much you want, improve the home to your needs, and many other freedoms as well. Consult a mortgage professional to find out more information or to see how much you qualify for today!

Another advantage of owning a home is that your monthly housing payment will stay fairly constant, especially with a fixed rate mortgage. If you rent, however, your housing payment will most likely go up every one to two years.

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